Getting Gaming Back To Work Safely: FREE Covid-19 Readiness Training

Getting Gaming Back To Work Safely: FREE Covid-19 Readiness Training

iGaming Academy is offering our new Covid-19 Readiness training free for up to 25 employees (new customers) or all existing eLearning users (current LMS clients.)

“As part of our commitment to our clients and the industry during these challenging times, we are pleased to be offering a free set of COVID-19 Readiness eLearning courses unique to the gaming industry.

These free courses will be regularly updated to ensure that employees are continually provided with the knowledge and guidance required to uphold necessary protective measures as the pandemic evolves.”

– Jaime Debono, Managing Director, iGaming Academy

“Our aim is to help support Land-based Casinos, Retail Betting Shops and Corporate Office environments get back to work safely.”

– Andrew Spencer, head of Education and Training, Totally Gaming Academy

Our COVID-19 Readiness eLearning courses address the challenge that all employers in the Gaming sector are currently facing: How do I prepare a safe working environment for my staff to return to?

By introducing employees to clear procedures and best practices around Covid-19 prevention, our courses will help reduce COVID-19 related risks and ensure continuity in the workplace.

Our COVID-19 readiness courses have been specifically tailored for Corporate Office, Retail Betting Shops and Land-based Casino environments. Courses can be taken ‘off-the-shelf’ or can be further customised to suit specific business policies.

Immediately available course versions include:

  • COVID-19 Readiness in the Office
  • COVID-19 Readiness for Retail Betting
  • COVID-19 Readiness for Land-based Casinos

Based on guidelines on returning to the workplace issued by World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and recommendations of industry specific associations these courses have been tailored for the Gaming sector and are relevant for all types of businesses, staff, and management.

Conditions of offer:

  • *COVID-19 Readiness courses are offered for free for up to 25 employees per company for new customers and at a fixed cost price thereafter.
  •  COVID-19 Readiness courses are offered for free to all employees of existing iGaming Academy clients who are utilising our Learning Management System under contract.

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