Our 2021 Roadmap: How We're Supporting Safer Gambling

Our 2021 Roadmap: How We're Supporting Safer Gambling

by Charles Harper

Our impact on customer safety is sizeable; we train over 40,000 professionals every year on topics including Responsible Gambling, Anti-Money Laundering, CRM and KYC, with training content for employees of all levels.

iGaming Academy will make significant advancements in the area of safer gambling provision in 2021, including:


As US and Canadian regulation shifts and evolves, we’re partnering closely with key organisations to ensure our training is ready to support businesses. By developing training content in line with evolving regulation, we ensure customer safety is prioritised with minimal requirement for active scrutiny.


In the US, demand for professionals with online gaming experience far outstrips supply. Our range of specialist training courses - including a US-specific suite - supports land-based and emerging online providers to train staff effectively and ensure their knowledge of online safer gambling is clear.


We anticipate that audits and investigations into safer gambling practices will increase significantly over the coming months and years. As in Europe - where we support clients to demonstrate their proactive approach to compliance - iGaming Academy is committed to supporting US and Canadian operators.


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